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cpr certification onlinecpr certification online

Build in Fireplace

Our build in Fireplaces are manufactured for easy installation
Includes : Grid, Grate and Ashdraw
Sizes available: 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm
Custom sizes welcome

Ventfree Pebble Gas Grate

Slimline freestanding

For those not wanting to build in a fireplace, the Slimline is the answer.
Includes: Grid, Grate, Ashpan, 3.6m Flue Pipes, Escutchion plate, Cowl
Sizes available: 500mm, 600mm,700mm

Ventfree Pebble Gas Grate with Firebox

Ventfree Gas

The ventfree gas pebble grate is a gas unit that does not require pipes or a chimney.